Heathir BrownHave you ever felt deeply connected and in sync with your laboring client that it seemed the whole world melted away? It is an incredible experience but if you haven’t grounded yourself it can also be completely draining.
On my own journey, I have learned tools to become balanced and able to care for my clients in a connected way without depleting myself.
When I first started this work I would become so connected to my clients that my cycle would shift so that my period would start when my client gave birth. I was completely drained for days after attending a birth.
While it is great to be connected to our clients, this was a not a healthy level.
When I keep my practice of the techniques that I have learned, the same ones I am excited to share with you,  I am able to keep up my energy while remaining a connected and supportive doula for my clients.
~ Heathir Brown

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  • Experience running a solo doula practice in a small town and two large cities.
  • Co-founder of a doula agency
  • Certified Professional Doula Trainer with Birth Arts International
  • Reiki Master
  • Craniosacral Therapist