Birth work is a sacred & compassionate calling that requires much of mind, body, & soul.

My coaching approach looks different than you may expect from a “business coach.” There are plenty of resources out there for increasing your productivity and crushing goals. What I found lacking was nourishing the soul of a doula.

I am excited to share ways to nourish your soul, tap into your intuition, and connect you to universal energy.

I have created the courses that make up Energize Your Doula Practice from my own experience working as a doula and healer for more than a decade. The tools and wisdom embedded into the courses have been gathered along my way.

Courses include coaching calls, useful handouts, live webinars, one-on-one sessions and a supportive online group.

Are you ready to grow solid roots and build a business that keeps you feeling inspired and energized?

Energize Your Doula Practice Courses

Energize Your Doula Business
Reiki level 1
Reiki for doulas level 2
  • Is your calling birth work but you are unsure how to connect with clients? 
  • Are you struggling to build an original brand that feels good in your soul?
  • Do you have trouble making business decisions?

Enjoy self discovery as you connect to your inner wisdom. Build an authentic doula practice that completely resonates with your soul and naturally attracts your dream clients. 

  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed from the emotions and pain of others? 
  • Can you feel the energy of those around you before they even say a thing? 
  • Do you get random belly aches or headaches? 

Connect to an energizing practice of self-love that will not only heal you on a deep level, but also invigorate you, so that your journey is filled with ease.

  • Would you like more tools to comfort your pregnant and birthing clients?
  • Are you frustrated by the frequent use of interventions to speed up labor?  
  • Would you ease and encourage infant/parent bonding and feeding?

Take your doula practice to the next level. Work with your clients (even virtually) in a comforting, powerful way, bringing ease and peace to your the care you provide.   

Heathir is a wonderful teacher. My experience at her workshop was so incredibly inspiring. She is skilled, and knowledgeable, and she creates an atmosphere of comfort that is ideal for learning.”

Mary W.

“Heathir is an amazing instructor. She has a good flow of information, one topic flows smoothly into the next. Heathir is easy to speak with and easy to approach with questions.”

Teresa o.

Meet Heathir

Heathir BrownHave you ever felt deeply connected and in sync with your laboring client that it seemed the whole world melted away? It is an incredible experience but if you haven’t grounded yourself it can also be completely draining.
On my own journey, I have learned tools to become balanced and able to care for my clients in a connected way without depleting myself.
When I first started this work I would become so connected to my clients that my cycle would shift so that my period would start when my client gave birth. I was completely drained for days after attending a birth.
While it is great to be connected to our clients, this was a not a healthy level.
When I keep my practice of the techniques that I have learned, the same ones I am excited to share with you,  I am able to keep up my energy while remaining a connected and supportive doula for my clients.
Heathir Brown, CD, CPDT, Reiki Master